Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leaving Villanova

November 14, 2008 is my last day at Villanova. Please use the Research Tab to find the subject librarian who will be replacing me. Good luck to all of you.


Monday, August 4, 2008

In Conclusion...

I hope that everyone enjoyed participating in this year's Summer Business Institute Program. At this point the 2008 blog will no longer be updated. I did get a lot of positive feedback from students in this class and as such I will continue to publish course specific research guides that grow and develop along the research needs of the course participants.

The Villanova Summer Business Institute
is a nine week program for undergraduates and recent graduates of non-business programs.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Conference and Trade Show Literature.

I recently found this source, and so I am posting it as an example of what might exist for various demographic and ethnic groups:

The Hispanic Retail Summit 2007

The information you will see in the downloadable reports may or may not be cited, and you must, either way, verify the information before you will be able to say with certainty that it is valid.

I can help, call me.

American Generations

This is an E-book, and it is searchable from inside or outside the library. Great for demographic research, especially for the Summer Business Institute.

American Generations

Demographic Research

Remember to use sources like Mintel, Academic, and GMID. Don't rely on any one specifically, but use them alongside data found in the Census and from data in trade publications.

Use Business Source Premier, Business & Industry, and ABI/Inform to find great trade publications with very recent research on your ideal market groups.

Demographics USA

Another reason to come to the actual library for the current week's project:

Demographics USA

The 2007 edition is on the first floor in the Reference Statistics Section, older issues are upstairs on the third floor under the same call number.

Its a great way to see more about particular kinds of consumers. Goes really well with the SRDS Lifestyle Market Analyst as well.

GMID now has added search functionality

For Example, click on the "consumer" tab and you will be taken to a page with the option of searching on "Consumer Segmentation" for the USA.

There is also a "consumer pulse" section with the latest information on trends and activities in general.

SBI Presentation Slides

Download the PPT file here